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Rose Cut Diamond & Emerald Pendant

Pick the most precious flower in the world!The Rose-cut Diamond at the center of this flower makes Green Emerald petals seem even lighter and more beautiful.
4,180 $

Green Stone Bracelet

Vernal Green on Champagner Gold! As Vivid as Nature as shiny as Brilliant Round Diamond!
2,448 $

Turquoise Earrings

A piece of sky shining with you uniquely. Women’s Jewellery Earrings made of Vivid Blue Turquoise and Brilliant Diamond set in Rose Gold.
Price required

Turquoise and diamond ring

Pure as the sky! You can sense the calmness and purity of sky in this Cabochon cut Turquoise ring with round cut diamonds that makes this ring shine and catch everyone's eyes.
784 $

Hassanzadeh jewellery

We hire you Desire! Find incarnate of your Desire here Check out our New collection to see the newest Fashion and pick your souvenir from the heart of the earth!.

New Collection
Hera Jewellery establishment in London -Sunday, January 10, 2021
We are proud to announce the establishment of Hassanzadeh’s new branch in London, UK under the name of “Hera Jewellery Ltd”.
On October 2020, Hassanzadeh Jewellery had the honour to appear in l’Officiel magazine as a jewellery sponsor.
The new Logo consists of a logo mark and a logo type which are representing new goals of Hassanzadeh jewellery both together that are uniqueness, Beauty, Glory and Elegant.
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