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Abalone is a kind of shell which is an ear-shaped shell with blue or purple colour and is highly durable for being used in different types of jewellery. Abalone has been used as ornament by many ancient cultures and is holding some meanings and effects since then.

The abalone is believed to have the energies of protection and healing because of its strong connection with nature and the sea. This charismatic gemstone can increase tolerance and emotional balance because it has the energy of the ocean in itself. The colourful abalone shell can be found in Japan, Australia, South Africa and North America.

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Abalone Shell Pendant

a piece of mother nature hanging on your neck! the pendant is so connected to nature as its design and its materials are both related to nature directly!
657 $ 692 $

Abalone Shell Half Set

Feel the beauty of nature! This women's jewellery half set created with Abalone shell and brilliant diamond in the shape of tree, makes you feel exceptional.
1,188 $ 1,250 $

Abalone Shell Ring

This perfectly designed Nature themed ring will bring you the spirit of mother nature!
606 $ 638 $

Abalone Shell set

What can be more amazing than a piece of nature-themed jewellery that is made of material derived right from the heart of nature?!
1,794 $ 1,888 $

Abalone Shell Earrings

The golden key of beauty! These tiny earrings made of Abalone Shell and Brilliant Diamond hold a very great view of beauty!
530 $ 558 $