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Black gemstones are mysterious with effective healing powers. They have had an important status in history and they also play an important part in the modern society.

Black gemstones mostly are the representation of knowledge, protection, purity of spirit, life and death. Some important black gemstones are black sapphire, black diamond, black pearl, black jasper, black garnet, black onyx, black jade, black spinel.

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Men's Black jewellery Ring

A piece of starry night on your finger. A Rose Gold Jewellery Ring for stylish men!
1,050 $ 1,105 $

Brilliant Cufflinks With Black Border

The beautiful combination of black and white on the sleeves of your shirt will dazzle any viewer with the brilliance of magnificent diamonds.
1,663 $ 1,751 $

Black & White Pearl Pendant

See the invisible face of the moon! Half-Black Half-White Pearl on the Rose-gold pendant which has been beautified with Brilliant Diamond pieces, make Imagination of the moon with its whole vision.
415 $ 437 $

Black & White Pearl Ring

May your love be immortal and full of new events, just like the relation of day and night!
452 $ 476 $

Black Flower Ring

Luxurious Colour on Precious Gold Designed with Valuable Gemstones! Black Coloured Gold Jewellery Women’s Ring with Brilliant Round-cut Diamond For the who are searching for an Especial Jewellery Ring.
2,833 $ 2,982 $

Brilliant Diamond Snake Pendant

Snakes are signs of wealth and fortune and besides, nowadays snakes play an important role in the modern jewellery industry.
Price required

Round cut Diamond Earrings

Classic and majesty, these earrings would suit your dress perfectly.
2,301 $ 2,422 $

Round cut Diamond Earrings

Have the spectacular shine on your ears! These women's jewellery earrings designed with a combination of black stone and Brilliant diamond give you a special look.
2,062 $ 2,171 $

Classic Rose cut Diamond Ring

The precious diamond ring with delicate, tasteful engravings on its shoulders can make a lovely gift for any lover of jewellery and art!
3,101 $ 3,264 $

Onyx Ring

Make yourself an individual style with this unique Onyx ring that is also designed with sparkling diamonds!
1,335 $ 1,405 $

Black Cat Pendant

Simple But Significant! A Perfect Design For Cat Lovers And December-Born Ladies.
1,000 $ 1,053 $