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Wedding Rings: History, Evolve, and Different Styles Through time The whole costume comes from ancient Egypt. There are Egyptian scrolls that date back to more than 3000 years ago with engravings on them that represent the image of a man who is offering his wife a wedding ring. Back then, Egyptians believed in a vein that comes from the heart and runs to the fourth finger of the left hand, named “Vena Amoris” which means “Vein of Love”. Read the Ring Finger article for a detailed, full story.
What is Marquise Cut: History, Factors and applications
What is Marquise Cut: History, Factors and applications A marquise-cut gemstone is known to have a symmetrical, elongated elliptical shape with two pointed ends and 58 facets. This cut is also very functional as it makes any gemstone look greater than its actual size and when wore, makes fingers look slimmer, thinner and longer. At first this cut was invented for diamonds but by time it became also a popular cut for other gemstones such as Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire. However, this fabulous cut is not very popular for engagement rings and is only used these days by non-traditional brides.
History of Jewellery
History of Jewellery The history of jewellery starts when people first came to Earth, which means prehistoric time. The form and concept of jewellery then were very distinctive from what it is now, in a way that the material they used as ornaments were not precious and they made their jewelleries from animal and fish bones, bird feathers and coloured pebbles which they knew to be beautiful and durable. The concept was also different as using different kinds of ornaments was a sign of people’s authority, identification and rank.
How to tell the Karat of Gold
How to tell the Karat of Gold Gold is amongst the most precious metals men have ever discovered; Although, not all gold has the same purity level. One of the most important features of this metal is that it is very soft and brittle, therefore, it is mostly alloyed with other resistant metals to improve its strength. But how can we figure out the karat of a gold jewellery? How can we determine the purity of a gold matter we have bought? Stay with us in this article where we are going to introduce some helpful methods to know your gold jewellery better.
How are diamond prices determined
How are diamond prices determined De Beers, with their famous tagline: “A Diamond is Forever”, formerly used to own 85% of the whole diamond rough. Although some other companies such as ALROSA and Rio Tinto later took part in the market, De Beers still controls 35-40% of the world’s roughs and determines a great deal of the market.
Happy International Women’s Day!
Happy International Women’s Day! Happy the day of love and kindness, passion and care. Women have always played an important role in the history all over the world, just like they do nowadays. Naming a day after them is the least we can do to honour them and remind ourselves what they do to make our world a better place.
when is Sepandarmazgan ( Ancient Persian Lovers' Day)
when is Sepandarmazgan ( Ancient Persian Lovers' Day) Sepandarmazgan is an ancient Persian celebration that is now equivalent to February 23rd or Esfand 5th. As an important Persian scientist, Abu Rayhan al-Biruni, has mentioned in his Book “Asaar albaghie”, ancient Iranian knew this day as the day of celebrating woman and the earth.
when is valentine's day 2021
when is valentine's day 2021 We should not expect a clear story about this day’s origin as there are several stories being told about how they chose the February 14th as the Valentine’s day and also, there are several persons in the history named Valentine whom these stories could be referred to. The first myth is about a priest who lived in about 270 CE and was martyred by the order of the emperor of that time, Claudius II Gothicus. It is said that he had sent a letter to his jailer’s daughter and signed it in the end “from your Valentine”, the same quote that is being used by lovers today. The lady had been visiting him in jail and according to legend, she was suffering from blindness and was healed by the priest. The other story includes another priest named Valentine who served during the third century in Rome. There was a time when Emperor Claudius II came to the decision that single men fight better at wars than the ones with wives and family and as a result, outlawed marriage for young men. Valentine couldn’t accept the injustice of the decree and continued performing marriages for young lovers in secret without considering the order of Claudius. He was then martyred by the order of Claudius when his actions were discovered.
What is a Promise ring
What is a Promise ring Promise rings are usually a symbol of love and loyalty between couples. Promise rings are not quite an engagement ring and it doesn’t mean at the end they will get married. Promise rings are not only for lovers, it can be a promise between 2 friends as a sign that they will be there for each other all the time and shows the strength of a relationship.
what are Pre-engagement Rings
what are Pre-engagement Rings Pre-engagement rings are a kind of rings bought by couples who are in love and look forward to getting engaged but they are not yet in a well enough situation for marriage; they might be so young, not having enough funds for a wedding or maybe not ready for marriage yet. Pre-engagement rings are perfect expression of commitment between lovers. This kind of ring can have various designs and they are mostly inexpensive so the young lovers can afford it. By giving a pre-engagement ring to your loved one, you’re promising to stay together for have a long-lasting relationship.