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when is Sepandarmazgan ( Ancient Persian Lovers' Day)
when is Sepandarmazgan ( Ancient Persian Lovers' Day) Sepandarmazgan is an ancient Persian celebration that is now equivalent to February 23rd or Esfand 5th. As an important Persian scientist, Abu Rayhan al-Biruni, has mentioned in his Book “Asaar albaghie”, ancient Iranian knew this day as the day of celebrating woman and the earth.
when is valentine's day 2021
when is valentine's day 2021 We should not expect a clear story about this day’s origin as there are several stories being told about how they chose the February 14th as the Valentine’s day and also, there are several persons in the history named Valentine whom these stories could be referred to. The first myth is about a priest who lived in about 270 CE and was martyred by the order of the emperor of that time, Claudius II Gothicus. It is said that he had sent a letter to his jailer’s daughter and signed it in the end “from your Valentine”, the same quote that is being used by lovers today. The lady had been visiting him in jail and according to legend, she was suffering from blindness and was healed by the priest. The other story includes another priest named Valentine who served during the third century in Rome. There was a time when Emperor Claudius II came to the decision that single men fight better at wars than the ones with wives and family and as a result, outlawed marriage for young men. Valentine couldn’t accept the injustice of the decree and continued performing marriages for young lovers in secret without considering the order of Claudius. He was then martyred by the order of Claudius when his actions were discovered.
What is a Promise ring
What is a Promise ring Promise rings are usually a symbol of love and loyalty between couples. Promise rings are not quite an engagement ring and it doesn’t mean at the end they will get married. Promise rings are not only for lovers, it can be a promise between 2 friends as a sign that they will be there for each other all the time and shows the strength of a relationship.
what are Pre-engagement Rings
what are Pre-engagement Rings Pre-engagement rings are a kind of rings bought by couples who are in love and look forward to getting engaged but they are not yet in a well enough situation for marriage; they might be so young, not having enough funds for a wedding or maybe not ready for marriage yet. Pre-engagement rings are perfect expression of commitment between lovers. This kind of ring can have various designs and they are mostly inexpensive so the young lovers can afford it. By giving a pre-engagement ring to your loved one, you’re promising to stay together for have a long-lasting relationship.
The Story Behind The Wedding Ring Finger
The Story Behind The Wedding Ring Finger One of the most common traditions of marriage anywhere in the world is to wear a ring on your hand. One of the reasons might be that this is a way you can let the others know about your marital status or even, wearing a ring on your finger and carrying it with you all the time can be a reminder of your endless love. But, which finger should we put the ring on and why? Is the tradition the same in every country and culture? Is this something all married people have to do? What is the story behind this tradition? Stay with us in this fun and educating article where we are going to find the answers to these questions together.
The most expensive gemstones in the world
The most expensive gemstones in the world We have all know gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and… But what are the most expensive ones of them and why? Stay with us in this interesting article to find out facts about the most expensive gemstones in the world.
The Most Famous Gemstones and Jewellery in the world
The Most Famous Gemstones and Jewellery in the world Throughout history there were gemstones, rough or used in jewellery items, that reached a huge fame; whether for their rarity or their size. But, there are also gemstones with strange, unbelievable stories behind them. Stay with us in this article where we are going to introduce you some of the most amazing, wonderful gemstones in the whole world! Find out which belongs to your living place.
Different types of stone setting
Different types of stone setting The type of stone setting of a jewellery piece is so important as it specifies how the gemstones are attached in a metal casting, how secure the gemstone is and how the brilliance of the gemstone is shown. Here in Hassanzadeh Jewellery we offer you a wide range of different jewellery pieces with different styles of stone setting. Stay with us in checking out the most common stone setting types in this article:
All you need to know about Rhodolite
All you need to know about Rhodolite The Rhodolite stone is a part of Garnets family and is known as a mix of Pyrope and Almandine Garnets. Rhodolites are transparent gemstones, varying in colour from rose-pink to purple-red, while they owe their colour to the presence of Iron and Chromium. In some cases, when heated to a temperature of 600 °C, the colour of Rhodolites might change from purplish to a hessonite brown.
gem stone cut types
gem stone cut types Before turning into a precious jewellery item, every gemstone has been in the process of cutting. During the process, professional jewellers cut the rough stones in styles to balance its roughness and to turn into the desired shape which gives majesty and shine to the stone. The style and quality of gemstones cut is an important factor in rating the gemstones value.