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"Ha ha." Lu Bu looked up to the sky and laughed happily. He pointed his halberd into the camp and shouted, "You gutless rats who bully the weak and fear the strong!"! What kind of warrior does a useless person who is vulnerable to a single blow without being frightened dare to call himself? Go back to tMr. Ishiyama is the hope of the empire. Don't blame yourself." After a pause, Hayakawa said with a sneer, "The Chinese still have a saying, 'Catch the thief and catch the king first.'"! As long as we catch lyu3 bu4, their will to resist will collapse,silk ficus tree, that's it! "Then, the meaning of Hayakawa Temple." "Get ready to go!" "Hi!" Lyu3 bu4 camp is stationed in due north ten miles, and the original Fang Yu proposed to build a low wall earth city, a total of more than six thousand troops, in addition to more than two thousand water army followed Sun Quan in the earth city defense, it can be said that the elite of Taiwan is here. Immersed in the joy of victory lyu3 bu4, and did not get the information that Hayakawa army has arrived, he is and lv Wenling and the army, together, to discuss the next batch of attack. At this time,large ficus tree, the account to report, said there is a small group of Japanese pirates to test our army. "How many troops are there?" Asked Lu Bu. "No more than three or five hundred," said the detective. Lu Bu was overjoyed and said, "These Japanese don't know the geography of ourWearing a crown of three-pronged hair, it is brilliant. Wearing a beautiful and colorful battle robe, embroidered with five dragons and eight beasts, it looks ferocious, which makes Lu Bu's body magnificent and extremely tall. The beast's face swallows his head and covers his shoulders. The exquisite lion's waist is tight, and he holds a square sky painting halberd upside down. Under the sunlight, it reflects the dazzling light of the demon, which makes people feel cold. Tiger back bear waist ape arm Biao belly, there is a way is lyu3 bu4, fake ficus tree ,decorative palm trees, red rabbit in the horse!  Lv Wenling cherish the horse, afraid to hurt the hooves of the fire dragon horse, slightly about the horse back, was about to meet with his father behind,outdoor ficus tree, suddenly heard both sides of the road laugh and shout in unison, sound like a wolf owl, harsh to hear. hacartificialtree.com