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Cabochon cut is a method of cutting gemstones polished with a rounded soft surface but not cut into facets. It’s a simple cut, used for softer stones to display the natural qualities and colours of a stone. A cabochon cut’s purpose is to expose the hidden features inside a stone and display their attributes. This cut is mostly used for coloured stones and not typically for diamonds because the beauty of a diamond comes out with faceting, and the cabochon cuts are usually cut in the shape of round or oval.

Some examples of gemstones that are cut with the cabochon method are: turquoise, opals, moonstone, sapphire, rubies and emeralds. The back of a cabochon stone is normally flat, it can also be round or even hollowed based on the type of stone and cut.

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Brilliant Opal Pendant

The conjunction of Brilliance and Elegance! This jewellery pendant with sparkling diamond and a charming Opal in the center is a lovely piece no one can deny it.

Opal Pendant

The glamorous blending of the beautiful Australian Opal with Brilliant diamond Made this Women's Jewellery Pendant a desirable choice for Stylish Ladies!

Cabochons Opal Ring

Bright and light! Stunning White Opal set in a base made of 18 K. Rose Gold for Women who like precious Opal!

Cabochon Opal Ring

The extraction of a colourful piece out of the dark deepness of earth is a reminder of the existence of hope in the hardest moments of life.