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Cameo is usually a gem with two different coloured layers that has been carved in a picture of a figure, scene or mostly portrait of a face. The cameo must have been founded in approximately the third century BC by Alexander the great and continued to gain its popularity by passing through different eras. Cameos were usually worn as bracelets, rings, pendants and clothing ornaments.

Carving a gemstone with hand and turning it to a cameo is a very time-consuming job which requires lots of attention therefore, it will cost much. Two major materials are required for creating a cameo including shell and gemstones. Cameos carved from gemstones are called “hardstone” and they are much more durable and expensive than shell-based cameos.

The most popular gemstone used for producing cameo is agate which has different colours. Some other gemstones carved for cameos are coral, opal, lapis and emerald.