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Cushion cut is in the shape of a square cut with rounded corners and looks like a pillow because of its soft surface. Cushion cut’s history goes back to the 19th century, it was the most popular cut for the first century of its existence and it doesn’t seem to lose its popularity very soon. It wasn’t always known by this name, in past it was known as the Mine cut but the cushion cut we see now, is different from the mine cut.

Many celebrities wear a cushion cut engagement ring and also many of the world’s most famous diamonds are cushion cut. Cushion cut has 3 styles: square cushion cut, elongated cushion cut, rectangular cushion cut. They all have the same basic shapes but the square cushion cut is the most popular and most expensive among them.

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Yellow And White Diamond Ring

The undeniable beauty of diamonds has caused in their excessive popularity and the magical combination of yellow and white diamond together has created a powerful and dazzling piece of jewellery. Nowadays the usage of this rare and pretty coloured has become common in between the most of valid brands of the world.
3,797 $

Yellow Diamond Cushion Cut Ring

Yellow diamonds, pieces of sun… we recommend this ring to the ones who are always looking for the exclusives.
4,627 $

Yellow Diamond Cushion Ring

A yellow shiny sun on your finger. A great piece of Cushion-cut yellow diamond surrounded by brilliant Round-cut Diamond makes a sparkling jewellery ring.
7,590 $

Green Sapphire solitaire ring

The twinkling green eye of nature looking at you! An intense green sapphire set in a base of white gold and designed with petite pieces of brilliant diamond make you as unique as the green sapphire!
1,550 $

Pink Sapphire Ring

Unique, Modern and Unattainable just like a piece of Pink Sapphire!
2,897 $

Yellow Diamond Pendant

Evoking Camomile with Yellow Diamond and White Brilliant Diamond. Paradise on your jewellery Pendant.
3,568 $