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Round Cut Diamond Pendant

Brilliant moons are playing together to make the shiniest of the time for you! Brilliant circles on a Rose Gold Women's Pendant for women who are interested in sparkling jewellery.
1,838 $ 1,935 $

Yellow Diamond Pendant

Evoking Camomile with Yellow Diamond and White Brilliant Diamond. Paradise on your jewellery Pendant.
3,390 $ 3,568 $

Yellow Diamond Pendant

The use of diamonds in jewellery has always created a deep connection between beauty and power, and in this pendant, symmetrical arrangement is a symbol of stability and durability.
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Round Diamond Pendant

Stunning and sparkling. Women's jewellery pendant made of brilliant round Diamond and white and Rose Gold!
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Round Diamond Pendant

Stunning and sparkling. Women's jewellery pendant made of brilliant round Diamond and white and Rose Gold!
1,797 $ 1,892 $

Round Diamond Pendant

The beautiful, simple design of this pendant has made it a great choice with ladies of every taste!
1,215 $ 1,279 $

Round Diamond Pendant

Sparkling butterfly sits on sparkling tastes. Brilliant Diamond Women’s Pendant with White Gold!
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Round Diamond Pendant

The unique and eye-catching design of this Diamond pendant will always stay on your heart!
2,116 $ 2,227 $

Brilliant Baguette Pendant

Delicate and shiny, this pendant will make sure to keep you delighted when wearing it!
1,739 $ 1,830 $

Brilliant Baguette Pendant

Feel the charm of Baguette-cut diamonds beautifully set together to form a precious pendant!
1,027 $ 1,081 $

Round Diamond Pendant

The contemporary design of this pendant has made it more unique than ever!
1,397 $ 1,470 $

Rose Gold Diamond Pendant

Show your dignity, glory, and originality wearing this diamond pendant! This women's jewellery pendant with rose gold and round brilliant diamond is a suitable choice for every event for every taste and provides an extraordinary charm.
863 $ 908 $

Brilliant Diamond Necklace

Feel the Brightness of Stars on your Neck with this Round Diamond Necklace that will be your sparkling companion at your wedding night!
4,889 $ 5,146 $

Elephant Brilliant Pendant

This women's jewellery pendant in the shape of an elephant designed with round brilliant diamond is an excellent choice for animal lovers.
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Round cut Diamond Pendant

Delicate and shiny, this pendant would show its royalty and majesty at first sight!
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Round cut Diamond Pendant

Sparkling jewellery Pendant with Pure White Brilliant Diamond and Rose Gold
997 $ 1,049 $

Round cut Diamond Pendant

Delicate and Shiny, this diamond pendant is perfect for any kind of gatherings!
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Marquise & Pear cut Diamond Pendant

Shinny stars on your neck! This Jewellery pendant with sparkling diamond in the shape of stars is a special one for stylish ladies.
1,612 $ 1,697 $

Emerald cut Diamond pendant

Don't miss this sparkling Diamond pendant if you are an April-born lady! this jewellery pendant made with stunning emerald and baguette-cut diamond along with round-cut diamond can catch everyone's eyes easily.
2,362 $ 2,486 $

Brilliant Diamond Snake Pendant

Snakes are signs of wealth and fortune and besides, nowadays snakes play an important role in the modern jewellery industry.
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