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Emerald is a member of mineral Beryl family Coloured Green. Emeralds are usually highly included so their toughness is poor.

The word of Emerald has come from the ancient Greek word "Esmaraldus".

As all other coloured gemstones, Emerald is also being graded using 4 Cs (colour, cut, clarity and carat) and normally, colour is the most important factor to evaluate the Gemstone, however about Emerald, Clarity is also a very important factor.

Generally, Emeralds with Verdant Green hue and high degree of transparency, are considered as the most valuable ones.

Emerald is the gemstone of May.

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Flower Design Ring With Colourful Gemstones

Colourful flowers come from hard stones and seat in the heart of metal in wonderland . It's like a magic by the nature wich fling you into your dreams. Let your eyes smell the light of Paradise.
3,670 $

Diamond & Emerald Crown

Glorious Jewellery women's Crown splendidly sits on your head to Give you the power to rule every attraction! Jewellery Women's Crown made of White Brilliant Diamond and Intense Green Emerald.
6,500 $

Rose Cut Diamond & Emerald Pendant

Pick the most precious flower in the world!The Rose-cut Diamond at the center of this flower makes Green Emerald petals seem even lighter and more beautiful.
4,180 $

Cushion Cut Emerald Ring

The presence of emerald between an amount of countless diamonds with modern designing, will give you an extraordinary beauty and will also put you in the spotlight at ceremonies… climax beauty and yet, simplicity.
2,384 $

Emerald Ring

A piece of paradise among Brilliant Diamond pieces. Emerald and Brilliant Round Diamond on White Gold make a Brilliant Jewellery Women’s Ring for Brilliant tastes.
1,250 $