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The history of jewellery goes back to the most distant civilizations, which was first made with bones, teeth, etc. But gold became a preferred jewellery material by Egyptians on 2000 BC and since then, gold became the based material of any kind of jewellery and developed more and more.

There are different types of jewellery and mostly women wear gold and jewellery. Some different kinds of jewellery used by women are: ring, crown, pendant, set, earrings, bracelet, necklace, etc.ladies

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Diamond & Emerald Crown

Glorious Jewellery women's Crown splendidly sits on your head to Give you the power to rule every attraction! Jewellery Women's Crown made of White Brilliant Diamond and Intense Green Emerald.
5,525 $ 6,500 $

Diamond Tie Clips

Signature of Glory, admits your generosity. A jewellery tie clips with pure white Brilliant Round-cut Diamond pieces for the gents who want to shine among the crowd.
1,073 $ 1,262 $

London Blue Topaz Cufflinks

Beautify your sleeves with endless blue topaz to shine in the field of beauty.
1,452 $ 1,708 $

Multi Colour Bird Brooch

The beauty of nature with the audible sound of golden birds gives a different look to your charm.
1,452 $ 1,708 $

Sapphire Half Set

Feel the Luxury and Majesty with this lovely Sapphire Half Set with Brilliant Diamonds that will Shine Brightly on your ears and make everyone look at you!
9,097 $ 10,702 $

White Shell Set

As unique as Shell Brilliant Flowers. Flowers made of White shine shell and Brilliant Round Diamond pieces, in a Rose Gold Women’s Jewellery set, make you able to shine like a Diamond.
6,015 $ 7,076 $

Yellow Diamond Ring

The undeniable beauty of diamonds has caused in their excessive popularity and the magical combination of yellow and white diamond together has created a powerful and dazzling piece of jewellery.
3,227 $ 3,797 $

Brilliant Cufflinks

Brilliant Cufflinks is one of the best choices for idealistic people to attend parties for mesmerizing others.
1,553 $ 1,827 $

Diamond & Pearl Tree Brooch

The tree of wisdom with fruits of pearls would make you look dignified and courtly.
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White Shell Half Set

As unique as Shell Brilliant Flowers. Flowers made of White shine shell and Brilliant Round Diamond pieces, in a Rose Gold Women’s Jewellery Half set, make you able to shine like a Diamond.
3,849 $ 4,528 $

Antique Brooch

The Carriage of your dreams, pulled by a golden horse! The beautiful antique piece is crafted in the best way to keep your dreams safe and sound.
Price required

Brilliant Cufflinks With Black Border

The beautiful combination of black and white on the sleeves of your shirt will dazzle any viewer with the brilliance of magnificent diamonds.
1,488 $ 1,751 $

Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

A piece of ocean on your hand! A deep blue piece of Lapis Lazuli in a combination with sparkling white brilliant diamond has made a stunning bracelet for Lapis lovers.
4,582 $ 5,391 $

Sapphire and Diamond Set

Provide yourself with an stunning look by wearing this sparkling extraordinary jewellery set designed with brilliant diamond and sapphire!
6,985 $ 8,218 $

Turquoise Half Set

Feel the peace and joy by wearing this beautiful Turquoise half-set!
1,815 $ 2,135 $

Bee Pearls Brooch

To record honey-like memories! The sweetness of the moments combined with the irreplaceable brilliance of golden pearls and yellow diamonds in their illuminated accompaniment with white round diamonds with originality.
1,254 $ 1,475 $

Ruby and Diamond Set

Experience an endless beauty with this Unique jewellery set designed with Shiny diamond and Ruby which gave this set an undeniable beauty.
5,035 $ 5,924 $

Shell Butterfly Half Set

Little butterflies are here to make your days much happier and your memories unforgettable!
1,426 $ 1,678 $

Abalone Shell set

What can be more amazing than a piece of nature-themed jewellery that is made of material derived right from the heart of nature?!
1,605 $ 1,888 $

Sapphire Half Set

Starry Sparkling night made of Brilliant Diamond and Sapphire! Women’s Jewellery Half set made of White Gold!
2,674 $ 3,146 $