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A Fancy cut is any other shape other than the round brilliant cut including marquise, emerald, oval, heart, pear, cushion, radiant, etc. while round cut diamonds are the most popular cuts for an engagement ring, but the fancy cuts are getting more and more popular by passing time and there are many celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry who chose a fancy cut diamond ring as their engagement ring.

The purpose of creating fancy cuts is to produce diverse shapes of a diamond other than the round cut. When buying a round cutdiamond, only the precision is important but Fancy cuts are different in size and shape and also precision, so for choosing a fancy cut there are various choices with different type and designs.

Also, the fancy cuts are almost 50% cheaper than the round cuts. Round cut gemstones require a higher amount of rough stone while in a fancy cut’s shaping process keeps more rough stone from wasting.

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Amethyst Half Set

Hassanzadeh Exclusive design with the guarantee of everlasting shine and beauty!
3,427 $

Amethyst Pendant

a jewellery item with the concept of love, passion, and beautiful feelings!
1,360 $

Amethyst Earrings

Purple is the colour of passion and feelings and Amethyst is here to present it in the best way!
2,067 $

Shell Pendant

Spectacular Design! Simple And Significant Shell Pendant Specially Designed For Completing Your Casual Styles.
1,093 $

Golden Shell Set

This Simple But Extremely Cute Golden Shell Set Is Perfect For Every Day Use As Well As Special Occasions.
2,920 $

Golden Shell Ring

Golden Stone! This Shell Ring Is Made To Give All Your Outfits A Touch Of Royalty And Brilliance.
747 $

Golden Shell Pendant

Special Jewellery! Add A Touch Of Magnificence To Your Outfit With This Beautifully Designed Pendant.
933 $

Golden Shell Bracelet

Intricate And Breathtaking! This Magnificent Bracelet Will Make Sure That All Eyes Are On You.
507 $

Golden Shell Earrings

Golden Stones! A Classic Design With A Touch Of Modern Take, You Can Not Go Wrong With This Pair Of Earrings Set By Hassanzadeh Jewellers.
733 $

Turquoise Pendant

Lovely Turquoise ! Diamond And Turquoise Gemstones Making A Gorgeous Beautiful Pendant With A Base Of White Gold.
1,973 $

White Shell & Diamond Pendant

Rose Gold Pendant! This Gorgeous Pendant Is Every Women's Favorite For Its Simple Yet Elegant Design.
560 $

Butterfly Shell Ring

white shell ring! This Is The Ring You Were Looking For To Make You Look The Most Special One Everywhere You Wear It!
1,147 $

Black Cat Pendant

Simple But Significant! A Perfect Design For Cat Lovers And December-Born Ladies.
1,440 $

Lapis Lazuli Elephant Pendant

Blue Elephant on your neck! This women's jwellery pendant with fancy cut lapis lazuli is a great choice for animal lovers!
2,107 $

White Pearl Ring

The Brightness of the Moon and the Stars on your finger! This Lovely Pearl ring gives you a memorable unique style at every ceremony.
1,853 $

Rhodolite set

Spectacular Combination of Lovely Rhodolite gemstone and Endless Sparkle of Diamond in this jewellery set made it unique and admirable.
2,840 $

Colourful Stone Half Set

Feel the peace and tranquility of nature! This colourful half set gives you energy and happiness for your everyday life and makes you special.
4,893 $

Colourful Stone Pendant

Feel the peace and tranquility of nature! This colourful pendant gives you energy and happiness for your everyday life and makes you special.
1,800 $

Engraved Coral pendant

Art and Jewellery have been combined and created this masterpiece together!
1,733 $

Emerald & Shell Pendant

The companionship of emerald from the depth of earth and pink shell, a piece of oceans profundity, would make you feel unique and fresh and brings hope to your life.
4,267 $