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The two stunning stones of Amethyst and Jasper are birthstones of February but among these two, Amethyst is the most important modern and traditional birthstone of February.

Amethyst is a variety of quartz which can range from very light pinkish purple to deep violet tones. Amethyst is a fine gem with hardness of 7 that can be used in any type of jewellery. The history of both birthstones of February; Amethyst and Jasper goes back to the time of Greeks.

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Amethyst & Shell Earrings

Eyes of the sea are looking after the gift of February to you! Unique Greenish blue shells have surrounded a great large piece of Amethyst!
2,020 $ 2,126 $

Amethyst & Enamel Pendant

Dance of the light on the purple jewellery floor! Intense Purple Amethyst Pendant with pure White Brilliant Round-cut Diamond and stunning Purple Enamel!
2,103 $ 2,214 $

Amethyst & Enamel Pendant

Sign of the Glory with the colour of the Honour! Amethyst and Purple Enamel are playing together to make a very unique Pendant for the Especial tastes!
935 $ 984 $

Enamel & Amethyst Pendant

Luxuriously Purple Pendant! Intense Purple Amethyst with purple enamel on Rose Gold to catch every eye!
2,421 $ 2,548 $

Oval Amethyst Pendant

An Exceptional combination of Amethyst gemstone and Brilliant diamond made a Unique pendant that catches everyone's attentions!
606 $ 638 $

Pear Cut Lavender Earrings

From dusk till dawn in your Gemstone! Violet Lavender with Brilliant Round-cut Diamond set in Rose Gold. Unique Earrings for Brilliant Tastes.
1,490 $ 1,568 $

Amethyst Pendant

Jewellery Lilac splendidly Sings the song of light! Women’s jewellery Pendant made of Amethyst and pure White brilliant diamond.
442 $ 465 $

Amethyst Pendant

Luxurious colour on luxurious Pendant; Women’s Jewellery Pendant made of Pear-cut Amethyst and Brilliant Diamond with 18 K. Rose Gold.
472 $ 497 $

Purple Fish Pendant

The use of fish in jewellery expresses a sincere and lively love. The skillful design and painting with mineral stones have made it an unforgettable gift.
Price required

Garnet and Amethyst Ring

The Beautiful combination of Garnet and Amethyst Gemstones in this Rose Gold Ring made this ring a Unique Colourful piece of jewellery that everyone will like it.
813 $ 856 $

Heart Amethyst Ring

Hearts made of amethyst that together depict the face of a four-leaf clover. Faith, hope, love and luck, each leaf is a component!
1,058 $ 1,114 $

Amethyst pendant

The glamour of Stunning Amethyst along with the beautiful shine of Brilliant Diamond made this Rose gold jewellery a Special one!
947 $ 997 $

Colourful Stone Earrings

Feel the peace and tranquility of nature! This colourful pair of earrings brings energy and happiness to your everyday life and make you special.
2,145 $ 2,258 $

Colourful Stone Half Set

Feel the peace and tranquility of nature! This colourful half set gives you energy and happiness for your everyday life and makes you special.
3,401 $ 3,580 $

Colourful Stone Pendant

Feel the peace and tranquility of nature! This colourful pendant gives you energy and happiness for your everyday life and makes you special.
1,256 $ 1,322 $

Oval Amethyst Half Set

Amethyst And Diamonds! Intense Purple Amethyst Encircled With Pieces Of Brilliant Round-cut Diamond On Rose Gold Base To Be Stunning.
2,140 $ 2,253 $

Oval Amethyst Half Set

Amethyst Half Set! These Pure, Shiny Amethyst Half Set Would Help You Find Your Way Through The Sparkle.
1,171 $ 1,233 $

Amethyst Pendant

Amethyst Pendant! The best People Deserve The best Gifts. The Best Surprise Gift For February-Born Ladies.
1,035 $ 1,089 $