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To set a Gemstone in a piece of Jewellery, the Rough stone needs to be cut! Depending on the shape of rough gem, location of inclusions and the size of the stone, Different cuts may be chosen.

Gem cut could reduce the mass of gemstone by about 50 percant!

Cut is possibly the most important and crucial process done on a gemstone. Cut is the process which turns a rough gemstone into a polished and brilliant one and gives the stone a specific shape to be used in any piece of jewellery. There are many different types of cuts and shapes and a gem cutter must know all information about a gemstone to create the best shape out of it.

Gemstones go through the process of cutting to have a certain shape, colour and brilliance and this has been invented for thousands of years. There are many different cuts and each one has specifications, pros and cons. The most popular and brilliant one is the round cut, the other cuts are square, pear, oval, heart, princess, etc.

Since each gemstone shapes with a specific cut, they reflect the light in different ways and it might be difficult for people to choose their favourite suitable shape. It’s better to first read about each cut and see the pictures to understand which one is most suitable for you.

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Antique Diamond Ring

As beautiful as old Times! Unique Diamond ring Designed with Niello. The Black colour of Niello makes a Great Combination with the Large Rose-cut Diamond pieces.
2,611 $

Blue Enamel and Topaz Pendant

Blue Enamel and Topaz Pendant is the endless blue sea that is embraced by the golden beach to Shows how special you are.
2,660 $

Diamond Fancy Pendant

Splendid Cascade of light Hanging on your neck! Many pieces of Diamond make a magical Brightness on a White gold band.
6,305 $

Elizabeth Elizabeth Engraved On Coral Earrings

Luxurious souvenir from old treasures' land.Hand made Elizabeth's face engraved on White Coral makes a very unique Pendant specially when it is designed with pure White Brilliant Diamond.
2,500 $

Invisibly set Princess-cut Sapphire ring

Deep blue sky surrounded by sparkling stars! Sapphire is the birthstone of September and so this is suitable for whom want to have a great view of sapphire on their ring.
1,505 $