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Half set contains Earrings and necklace, necklace and ring or ring and earrings that are mostly suitable for anniversary, engagement ceremonies, and other special occassions.

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Sapphire Half Set

Feel the Luxury and Majesty with this lovely Sapphire Half Set with Brilliant Diamonds that will Shine Brightly on your ears and make everyone look at you!
10,167 $ 10,702 $

White Shell Half Set

As unique as Shell Brilliant Flowers. Flowers made of White shine shell and Brilliant Round Diamond pieces, in a Rose Gold Women’s Jewellery Half set, make you able to shine like a Diamond.
4,302 $ 4,528 $

Turquoise Half Set

Feel the peace and joy by wearing this beautiful Turquoise half-set!
2,028 $ 2,135 $

Shell Butterfly Half Set

Little butterflies are here to make your days much happier and your memories unforgettable!
1,594 $ 1,678 $

Shed Sapphire Half Set

The most precious Water drops made of Sapphire sitting on your Rose Gold Half set. A great combination between Sapphire and Brilliant. Diamond makes a Precious Half set for ladies who are interested in the Oceans' Colour.
2,326 $ 2,448 $

Sapphire Half Set

Blue star sparkling with you! Women’s Jewellery Half-set made of Sapphire and Brilliant Round-cut Diamond on Rose Gold.
1,530 $ 1,611 $

Colourful Stone Half Set

Feel the peace and tranquility of nature! This colourful half set gives you energy and happiness for your everyday life and makes you special.
3,401 $ 3,580 $

Ruby Half Set

Make an effective impression with Glorious pear ruby showing off in the center of this luxurious pendant and pair of earrings, surrounded by sparkling lovely diamond!
3,215 $ 3,384 $

Ruby Half Set

Red petals of the Sun among Brilliant Stars of Diamond! Intense Ruby with Brilliant Round Diamond and Rose Gold make a unique Half set for Unique Women.
4,912 $ 5,170 $

Ruby Half Set

Crystallization of Fire! Intense Pear-cut Ruby, with Pure white brilliant and White Gold make a Unique Jewellery Women's Set.
5,228 $ 5,503 $

Round Diamond Half Set

Stunning and sparkling. Women's jewellery half set made of brilliant round Diamond and white and Rose Gold!
4,106 $ 4,322 $

brilliant Diamond Half Set

Definition of the effulgence with Majestic Words! Bright pure Diamond on the Women's Jewellery set is Splendidly venerating your Style!
5,803 $ 6,108 $

Round cut Diamond Half Set

Sparkling butterfly sits on sparkling tastes. Brilliant Diamond Women’s Half set with White Gold!
Price required

Quartz Half Set

A rose from Paradise! Rose Quartz in a Graceful combination with Brilliant Diamond and Rose Gold, A unique Jewellery make you unique.
2,953 $ 3,108 $

Rhodolite Half Set

A Unique design for special occasions! This Women's jewellery Half Set with Lovely Rhodolite stone, Songea Ruby and Sparkling diamond can be an excellent choice for June-born Stylish ladies.
1,319 $ 1,388 $

Pearl Half Set

Imagine the sky with Shinny moon and the stars! This lovely half set with Pure white pearl and Brilliant diamonds would be a special gift for June born ladies.
1,006 $ 1,059 $

Chandelier Ruby Half Set

Let the Fire of Ruby catch everyone's eyes hanging on your ears and neck! This Chandelier Ruby half set will possess your heart with its lovely design.
3,247 $ 3,418 $

Ruby Half Set

Sun among the snow! Stunning Ruby and Sparkling White Brilliant Diamond to be sign of your Glory!
2,440 $ 2,568 $

Pear Ruby Half Set

As stunning as Sun Rise! Ruby and Brilliant Diamond Half-Set on a sky of White Gold!
10,146 $ 10,680 $

Garnet Half set

The circle of fire! This Charming women's Half set made with diamond and the beautiful Garnet stone provides you with a Charismatic look.
1,684 $ 1,773 $