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There are many types of ladies’ jewellery and ring, is one of the most popular jewellery types among them. As we all know, ring is a circular band worn on a finger and can be symbol of reliability or authority. Certainly, the engagement rings are symbol of reliability and fidelity between wife and husband. Rings were first found in Egypt and were symbol of authenticity of the wearer.

A ring has 3 main parts: Shank, shoulder and head. Every ring has a shank which is the band which encircles the finger so, there will be no ring without a shank. Head is where the gemstone is held and shoulder is where connects head with the shank. The part which varies in different rings, is the head and more specifically the gemstone set in the head for creating the ring.

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Triple Flower Ring

Three is better than one! have three diamond flowers on one ring shining on your fingers!
1,120 $

Pink Topaz Ring

a super fancy and stunning ring with the special Pink Topaz shining on its top!
3,200 $

Eternity Diamond Ring

Eternity Rings symbolize everlasting love and glow in your life!
3,560 $

Solitaire Ring

Classic and stunning is how we define beauty!
520 $

Flower Ring

a glamorous Halo Ring with a shiny flower in its centre!
839 $

Marquise Diamond Ring

Shining is among the matters that are never enough for a lady!
20,784 $

Solitaire Diamond Ring

Diamonds are forever and so is your love!
587 $

Solitaire Diamond Ring

Pick a Diamond Ring to start your new love life with shine and glory!
2,000 $

Brilliant Diamond Ring

The most suitable ring for daily dose of shine!
400 $

Diamond Ring

A Beautiful design suitable for ladies of any taste!
420 $

Songea Ruby Ring

The undeniable glow of Rubies makes magic when set along with brilliant Diamonds!
3,087 $

Brilliant Ring

Smart, lovely design with the brilliant Diamonds dancing on a base of Rose Gold!
1,867 $

Flower Ring

Diamonds are there to shine eternally for you only!
2,120 $

Five Stone Ring

Flaunt Our Beautiful Diamond Jewellery Collection And Get Ready To Leave A Dazzling Impression Wherever You Go .
1,280 $

Five Stone Ring

Diamond Ring! Hassanzadeh Jewelleries Designed With Pure White Diamonds For Special Ladies.
1,347 $

Baguette Cut Diamond Ring

Not Easy To Get Eyes From This Gorgeously Designed Diamond Ring
868 $

Diamond Ring

Stunning Jewellery Ring With Pure Diamonds Specially Crafted For Modern Ladies.
1,036 $

Multi Colour Sapphire Ring

Unique Design With Sparkling Gemstones Suitable For Women With Special Taste.
957 $

Abalone shell Ring

Modern Design! This Shell Ring Reflects Light And Beauty In A Special Way To Make You Glow More Than Ever.
1,647 $