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There are two gemstones known as the birthstone of June; The traditional one is Pearl and the modern one is Alexandrite. Pearls are the only gemstones found within the living creatures, they have been loved by women of all ages and believed to be the teardrops from the heaven.

However, today most of the pearls used in creating jewellery are cultivated because they are rare in nature.

On the other hand, Alexandrite is very rare and expensive gemstone with a colour range of bluish green and purplish red and not many people have seen a natural Alexandrite.

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Rhodolite Grapes Earrings

Fresh Grapes with Light-made Juice! Enjoy your Juicy Rhodolite pieces hanging on your ears in this Rose Gold women's pair of Earrings.
1,662 $ 2,027 $

White Pearl Ring

Blossom of Elegance! Glorious and lustrous pearl surrounded by pure White Marquise-cut Diamond pieces make a super Luxurious Ring catching eyes!
3,351 $ 4,086 $

Pearl Pendant

The moon in Rose Gold sky Designed with Brilliant Round-cut Diamond! Women's jewellery Pendant made of Brilliant Diamond and shiny white pearl set in Rose Gold.
266 $ 324 $

Pearl Half Set

Imagine the sky with Shinny moon and the stars! This lovely half set with Pure white pearl and Brilliant diamonds would be a special gift for June born ladies.
868 $ 1,059 $

Pearl & Diamond Earrings

White natural pearls, symbols of simplicity and honesty. These precious earrings of diamonds and pearls, all directly from the pure nature, and exactly what you need when your style is bold enough and you have to use simple but attractive ornaments.
1,030 $ 1,256 $

Pearl Diamond Earrings

The modern and delicate design of these diamond and pearl earrings has made them desirable for any taste!
622 $ 759 $

Black & White Pearl Pendant

See the invisible face of the moon! Half-Black Half-White Pearl on the Rose-gold pendant which has been beautified with Brilliant Diamond pieces, make Imagination of the moon with its whole vision.
358 $ 437 $

Black & White Pearl Ring

May your love be immortal and full of new events, just like the relation of day and night!
390 $ 476 $

White Pearl Pendant

Rare and Forever loved, just like a delicate pearl pendant on your chest!
709 $ 865 $

Pearl Pendant

Tiny and shiny! Women's Jewellery Pendant made of Pearl and Pure White Diamond on Rose Gold!
757 $ 923 $

Rhodolite Ring

Crystallization of Brightness! Rhodolite and Brilliant Diamond on White Gold, make the best Ring for those women who like different and attractive colours for their ring
2,177 $ 2,655 $

Pearl Pendant

Experience a spectacular reflection of light in this triplet pearl pendant, associated with brilliant round-cut diamonds exaggerating it's sparkle!
567 $ 692 $

Pearl Earrings

Feel the actual sparkle with these triplet pearl earrings designed with brilliant round-cut diamonds!
1,103 $ 1,345 $

Pearl pendant

Sense the Pearl's Power! This Rose Gold jewellery Pendant made with Chinese pearl and Brilliant diamond is a special choice for High-Class ladies.
293 $ 357 $

Triplet Pearl Ring

Feel the actual sparkle with this triplet pearl Ring on your finger designed with brilliant round-cut diamonds!
599 $ 731 $

Rhodolite Half Set

A Unique design for special occasions! This Women's jewellery Half Set with Lovely Rhodolite stone, Songea Ruby and Sparkling diamond can be an excellent choice for June-born Stylish ladies.
1,138 $ 1,388 $

Rose Gold Pearl Pendant

Endless beauty just like the beauty of the Full Moon in the sky! This jewellery pendant with a white pearl and brilliant diamonds represents the sky with a Full moon and shiny stars besides.
528 $ 644 $

White Pearl Ring

The Brightness of the Moon and the Stars on your finger! This Lovely Pearl ring gives you a memorable unique style at every ceremony.
1,232 $ 1,503 $

Pearl Pendant

Shiny As Moon! Pearls are the only gems created by a living creature. No two pearls are identical, which means that each gem carries a one-of-a-kind beauty, charm, as well as shape and size.
667 $ 813 $

Pearl & Diamond Earrings

Pearl Collection! Our Delicate And Classy Designs Are Crafted To Enhance Your Elegance.
1,236 $ 1,507 $