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Marquise cut has pointed ends and an elongated shape. It is typically made with 58 facets and because of its long and narrow design, it can make a very gorgeous ring which makes the fingers appear slimmer, but this cut has been rarely used as an engagement ring compared to the other cuts.

The invention of marquise cut goes back to the 18th century in France and it is mostly used for diamonds. Besides its beauty and charm, the marquise cut is often at risk of chipping because of its two pointed ends. One of the important subjects about the marquise cut that the jewellery makers must pay attention is the importance of alignment of the two ends, that makes the balance and beauty of this cut.

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Marquise Diamond Ring

a shiny ring with beautiful vibes to give!

Marquise Diamond Necklace

Add a sense of majesty to your stunning styles!

Marquise Diamond Ring

Stunning Diamonds are set on a gorgeous base with an eternal sparkle!

Marquise Diamond Ring

Shining is among the matters that are never enough for a lady!

Songea Ruby Ring

The undeniable glow of Rubies makes magic when set along with brilliant Diamonds!

Rhodolite Flower Ring

Rhodolite Flower! Celebrate New Beginnings And Embrace The Power Of Possibility With Our Collection Of Rhodolite Rings.

Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring! Pure White Diamond Snowflakes Set On Pure Rose Gold, Are Here To Make Your Special Outfits More Attractive And Unique In Any Occasion!

Sapphire Ring

Exclusive Design! Luxurious Ring With A Combination Of Sapphire And Diamond On Pure White Gold.

Marquise Diamond Half Set

Wedding Set! This Luxurious Set With Exclusive Precious Marquise And Baguette Cut Diamonds Is Absolutely The best Choice For Your Most Important Night.

Sapphire Set

Luxurious Sapphire! Add More Sparkle, Color And Shine To Your Amazing Style With This Unique Sapphire And Diamond Set.

Oval Ruby Ring

Ruby Ring! Diamond And Ruby Ring Expertly Designed For You To Sparkle Like A Star.

Quartz Set

Quartz Set! Be The One Everyone Speak Of, Wearing This Breathtaking Incredibly Designed Set!

Quartz Ring

Expertly Crafted! Shine Bright Like Stars Wearing This Beautifully Designed Ring !

Quartz Pendant

Quartz Pendant! This Pink Quartz And Diamond Jewellery Pendant Will Be The Reason Of Your Unbelievable Sparkle.

Quartz Earrings

Quartz Earrings! Beautifully Crafted Quartz And Diamond Earrings Would Make You The Center Of Attention By Its Sparkle!

Marquise & Round cut Diamond Pendant

Diamond Flowers! This Exclusive Delicate Diamond Flower Pendant , Specially Handcrafted For All Jewellery Lovers.

Round & Pear cut Diamond Ring

Affordable Luxury! Sometimes It Is Good To Let Your Jewellery Do The Talking For You. Flaunt This Beautiful Ring And Be The Ultimate Definition Of Magnificence And Grandeur.

Ruby Flower Set

Sense an endless beauty wearing this Unique jewellery set designed with glorious Rubies which gave this set an undeniable beauty.

Ruby Flower Bracelet

Ruby is related to the earth element and therefore has amazing healing properties for you. You can use this delicate and eye-catching bracelet permanently.

Ruby Flower Earrings

Absolute smell of the flower ! Be the most charismatic by wearing this unique ruby earrings.