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People all over the world would like to decorate themselves and one of the most popular jewelleries is necklace. In the ancient times, they were worn by both men and women, in different cultures and groups and made with bones, stones, shells and other materials. Nowadays, most of the jewelleries are made with gold or silver, and mostly women use the golden necklace.

Necklace is the circulated band around the neck and it mostly goes along with a pendant, which is a piece of jewellery attached to a necklace. Bracelet is the main part of a set or half set and is usually the most expensive and weighted among all pieces of jewellery.

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Abalone Shell Pendant

a piece of mother nature hanging on your neck! the pendant is so connected to nature as its design and its materials are both related to nature directly!
588 $ 692 $

Amethyst Drop Pendant

a drop of luster and sparkle with a shade of genuine purple, ready to be worn on magical days!
812 $ 955 $

Amethyst Pendant

Jewellery Lilac splendidly Sings the song of light! Women’s jewellery Pendant made of Amethyst and pure White brilliant diamond.
395 $ 465 $

Baguette Diamond Necklace

Brilliant diamonds with exquisite design might as well golden white drops which stacked next to each other to show the splendor of the dreamy queen.
28,973 $ 34,086 $

Baguette Diamond Necklace

Splendid Baguette Necklace with sparkling diamonds is created to be the sign of your glory among the white beautiful golden dandelions.
12,085 $ 14,218 $

Emerald Pendant

Perfect gift for a memorable occasion! This Lovely pendant with popular Emerald stones surrounding round and rose diamond pieces will show off on your neck with its inner glow.
4,576 $ 5,384 $

Heart Shaped Ruby Pendant

Heart speaks to heart. It is the best Gift for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day and to whom you love the most!
1,161 $ 1,366 $

Lapis Lazuli Cat Pendant

A blue cat on your neck! This women's jewellery pendant in the shape of a cat made with Lapis Lazuli and green sapphire is an excellent choice for cat lovers.
2,757 $ 3,244 $

M Initial Pendant

M for Mother... The most precious gem of life!
331 $ 389 $

Marquise Sapphire Pendant

Precious hyacinth shining with you! Women’s Jewellery Pendant made of Sapphire and Brilliant Round Diamond on Rose Gold.
2,003 $ 2,357 $

Opal Horse Pendant

A perfect gift for teenagers and animal lovers! This rose gold pendant with opal and charming sapphire gemstones could be a special surprise for your beloved ones.
989 $ 1,164 $

Opal Owl Pendant

The most valuable Owl looks at you! cute jewellery owl suitable for women who are interested in animals and jewels both together.
481 $ 566 $

Pear Ruby Pendant

Sun among the snow! Stunning Ruby and Sparkling White Brilliant Diamond to be sign of your Glory!
1,119 $ 1,317 $

Pearl Pendant

The moon in Rose Gold sky Designed with Brilliant Round-cut Diamond! Women's jewellery Pendant made of Brilliant Diamond and shiny white pearl set in Rose Gold.
275 $ 324 $

Pink Topaz Pendant

Girlish smile of the Nature showing it's beauty on your neck. Pink Topaz and Pink Enamel make an elegant harmony of colours on your neck.
2,314 $ 2,722 $

Rose Quartz Pendant

Crystallization of Colour! Pink Sparkle on a Rose Gold Band as a Rose Quartz Women's Pendant to be symbol of Beauty!
489 $ 575 $

Round & baguette cut Diamond Tie Necklace

Definition of the effulgence with Majestic Words! Bright pure Diamond on the Women's Jewellery Necklace is Splendidly venerating your Style!
7,075 $ 8,324 $

Round Cut Diamond Pendant

Brilliant moons are playing together to make the shiniest of the time for you! Brilliant circles on a Rose Gold Women's Pendant for women who are interested in sparkling jewellery.
1,645 $ 1,935 $

Round Diamond Pendant

Similar to the Brightness of sun! Wear this round diamond pendant to become the spotlight among all.
965 $ 1,135 $

Ruby Butterfly Pendant

Reveal your love to the nature! This jewellery pendant with Ruby stone as the wings of Butterfly and round diamonds as the border, can be the best surprising gift for nature and animal lovers.
347 $ 408 $