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Oval cuts are a kind of round cut, but they have a more unique shape. Oval gem cuts were created in 1950s and they have a very brilliant shape with 58 facets. Oval cut can be described as a shape between round and marquise cut and it has 3 parts: Head or end, shoulder and belly.

This cut is mostly suitable for rings and makes the hand appear slimmer, that’s why many people like oval cut diamonds. It also seems larger to the eye because of its larger surface, compared to the round and marquise cut, also because they don’t have sharp angles, they are less at risk of chipping.

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Blue Sapphire Ring

Passionate like the sea and neverending like the sky is the stunning Blue Sapphire!

Rhodolite Ring

Fancy Gemstones on high-quality crafted rose Gold ring!

Emerald Ring

a piece of nature that has formed the most beautiful vision of a precious flower, ready to make unique memories!

Sapphire Ring

Exquisite Design! No One Can Ignore The Beauty And Sparkle Of This Beautiful Sapphire Ring.

Oval Ruby Ring

Sense The Beauty! No One Can Get Their Eyes From You With This Glorious Designed Ring With Ruby And Diamonds.

Sapphire Pendant

Magnificent Design! This Gorgeously Designed Pendant With Sapphire Holds The Power To Turn All Heads Your Way.

Ruby Pendant

Tasteful, Minimal, And Effortlessly Stunning. This Pendant Is Designed To Beautifully Mirror Your Personality And All That You Stand For.

Songea Ruby Ring

Feel Magic! This Ruby Ring Designed With Diamond Can Be A Perfect Choice For You To Enchant Eyes And Hearts.

Sapphire Ring

Sapphire Ring Feel The True Magic By Wearing This Wonderful Sapphire And Diamond Jewellery Specially Designed For Modern And Lovely September Born Ladies.

Tanzanite Ring

Dreamy Colour! With This Ring Of Diamond And Tanzanite With Its Unique Colour Shine And Allure Wealth And Power.

Ruby Pendant

Significant Jewel! The Luxury And Modern Design Of This Ruby Pendant Has Made It The Most Special Jewellery You Can Choose!

Oval Cut Sapphire Ring

Dreamy Sapphire! Sapphire Gemstone With Its Beautiful Blue Colour , A Perfect Choice For September Born Ladies.

Oval Ruby Ring

Ruby Ring! Diamond And Ruby Ring Expertly Designed For You To Sparkle Like A Star.

Oval Ruby Half Set

Tantalizing Ruby! This Oval-cut Ruby Half Set Jewellery Is For Everyone Who Loves To Embrace Their Authentic Selves.

Oval Ruby Earrings

Simple And Elegant! These Ruby-Studded Gold Earrings Are Everyone's Favorite For All The Right Reasons And A Definite Must-Have.

Ruby Pendant

Dynamic steps towards your dreams with this marvelous pendant on your neck made with a marquise cut diamond in the center surrounded with round cut diamonds next to oval rubies!

Ruby Pendant

Dynamic steps towards your dreams with this marvelous pendant on your neck made with a marquise cut diamond in center surrounded with round cut diamonds next to oval and marquise red rubies!

Rhodolite and Emerald Ring

Feel the love of nature in this jewellery ring with Rhodolite, the stone of inspiration and emotion, along with the gorgeous Emerald and sparkling Diamond!

Emerald Pendant

Perfect gift for a memorable occasion! This Lovely pendant with popular Emerald stones surrounding round and rose diamond pieces will show off on your neck with its inner glow.

Sapphire Pendant

Bring a fresh breath to your life with this sapphire and diamond pendant on pure high quality white gold!