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The pear cut is a unique shape between the round cut and marquise cut. Pear cut which is also called a teardrop contains a tapered point and a rounded end and has almost 58 facets. Pear cut diamonds are classic, they can be worn with the tapered point upwards or downwards on the finger, they are stunning and they can make the fingers seem longer when used as a ring.

The pear cut was first created on 1450s and it is brilliant and sparkling as much as the round and princess diamonds but they are rarely available because only 4% of diamonds are created in the pear shape. It’s interesting to know that many famous people like Victoria Beckham wear the unique and unusual pear cut diamond engagement ring.

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Pear Sapphire Pendant

The most precious water drops, walking gracefully on your neck!
652 $

Pink Topaz Pendant With Pink Enamel

Girlish smile of the Nature showing it's beauty on your neck. Pink Topaz and Pink Enamel make an elegant harmony of colours on your neck.
2,518 $

Pear & Marquise Cut Sapphire Earrings

Gemstones are raining from your ears! Hear the sound of Rain in stunning pear-cut Sapphire.
2,434 $

Pear Cut Sapphire Earrings

Jewellery shiny flowers made of Sapphire and Brilliant Diamond as a unique women’s pair of earrings
728 $

Pear Cut Sapphire Earrings

Ice flowers shine as beautiful as stars in the sky around of the Diamond moon. Pieces of Sapphire are surrounding Round-cut Brilliant Diamonds.
1,491 $

Pear Rhodolite Grapes Earrings

Fresh Grapes with Light-made Juice! Enjoy your Juicy Rhodolite pieces hanging on your ears in this Rose Gold women's pair of Earrings.
1,875 $