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Rhodolite is a mineral of Garnet family and its colour may vary from pink to purplish-violet red. Rhodolite’s name has come from a Greek word “Rhodon” which means Rose-coloured. Rhodolite is known for Brilliance, colour and hardness and contains various meanings and benefits which are as below.

Rhodolite is known as the stone of inspiration that brings love through mind and heart and prevents the feeling of incompetence. Also, it promotes spiritual growth, kindness, compassion and self-growth. This stone can balance the energy in body and can purify the chakras of the owner.

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Rhodolite Ring

Fancy Gemstones on high-quality crafted rose Gold ring!
1,360 $

Sapphire And Rhodolite Ring

Glorious Design! Beautiful Sapphire And Rhodolite Ring Expertly Designed For Modern And Luxurious Women.
1,373 $

Rhodolite Flower Ring

Rhodolite Flower! Celebrate New Beginnings And Embrace The Power Of Possibility With Our Collection Of Rhodolite Rings.
1,493 $

Rhodolite Ring

Rhodolite Ring! Our Collection Of Best Jewelleries With Spectacular Design Of Precious Stones On White Gold For You To Sparkle More Than Ever.
1,600 $

Rhodolite set

Spectacular Combination of Lovely Rhodolite gemstone and Endless Sparkle of Diamond in this jewellery set made it unique and admirable.
2,840 $

Rhodolite and Emerald Ring

Feel the love of nature in this jewellery ring with Rhodolite, the stone of inspiration and emotion, along with the gorgeous Emerald and sparkling Diamond!
2,093 $

Rhodolite Ring

This elegant rose gold ring gives you a unique style with its extraordinary design with brilliant Diamond, Songea Ruby and Beautiful Rhodolite stone.
1,033 $

Heart Rhodolite Pendant

Hang this pendant on your neck and remind yourself everyday that beautiful gemstones always appear from the depth of darkness.
827 $

Rhodolite Ring

Crystallization of Brightness! Rhodolite and Brilliant Diamond on White Gold, make the best Ring for those women who like different and attractive colours for their ring
3,853 $