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Rose round cut is one of the antique and beautiful cuts, it looks different from other modern cuts and is similar to a flower. Rose cut diamonds were introduced on 1500s and are among the first diamond cuts which were popular during Georgian and Victorian eras.

There are two types of rose cut diamonds: single rose cut and double rose cut. Single cut has a single layer and can be surrounded by smaller diamonds, and the double layer is always centered.

Rose cuts can contain from 3 to 24 triangle shaped facets which is fewer than the number of facets in round cut diamond. The interesting fact about rose round cut is that it doesn’t have pavilion, this cut is flat on the bottom and is shinny with its fewer facets but it doesn’t have the same brilliance and light of a brilliant round cut.

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Turquoise Ring

Turquoise Ring! Complete Your Every Day Style With This Beautifully Designed Turquoise Ring Surrounded With Sparkling Diamonds.

Rose Cut Diamond Ring

Rose Cut Diamond Ring! Shimmering Gemstones Used In This Beautiful ring Make It A Significant Choice For Completing Your Style.

Classic Rose Cut Diamond Ring

Classic Design! Make Everyday Special With This Rose Cut Diamond Ring, Inspired By Simplicity And Powered By Elegance.

rose cut diamond ring

rose cur diamond! Diamonds Have Many Properties! Making You Look Absolutely Ravishing Is One Of Them.

Sapphire Pendant

Sapphire Drops! Designed With Precision, Crafted With Passion And Pure Like Rain Sparkling Under Sunlight!

Emerald Pendant

Perfect gift for a memorable occasion! This Lovely pendant with popular Emerald stones surrounding round and rose diamond pieces will show off on your neck with its inner glow.

Classic Rose cut Diamond Ring

The precious diamond ring with delicate, tasteful engravings on its shoulders can make a lovely gift for any lover of jewellery and art!

Antique Flower Ring

The precious diamond ring with delicate, tasteful engravings on its shoulders can make a lovely gift for any lover of jewellery and art!

Sapphire Pendant

Bring a fresh breath to your life with this sapphire and diamond pendant on pure high quality white gold!

Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

Look like a star by wearing this Unique necklace made with a sparkling Rose-cut Diamond in the center surrounded with oval-cut eye-catching Sapphire!

Rose cut diamond pendant

Shine in the circle of lights! This special rose-cut diamond pendant surrounded with brilliant-round-cut diamonds is a perfect choice for creating an exclusive look.

Ruby Earrings

Stunning Fire Drop on your ears! Women’s jewellery pair of Earrings made of Ruby and Round Diamond on Rose Gold!

Emerald Pendant

Pick the most precious flower in the world!The Rose-cut Diamond at the center of this flower makes Green Emerald petals seem even lighter and more beautiful.

Pear Sapphire Pendant

Deep Blue ocean, Dive to Glory with us. Ocean Blue pieces of Sapphire have surrounded a shiny piece of Rose-cut Diamond to be unique.