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Jewellery sets are mosly made of 3 pieces containing necklace, ring and earrings and sometimes 4 pieces that a bracelet is added as the fourth piece. a jewellery set can be used in wedding ,engagement ceremonies and other important occassions.

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White Shell Set

As unique as Shell Brilliant Flowers. Flowers made of White shine shell and Brilliant Round Diamond pieces, in a Rose Gold Women’s Jewellery set, make you able to shine like a Diamond.
6,722 $ 7,076 $

Sapphire and Diamond Set

Provide yourself with an stunning look by wearing this sparkling extraordinary jewellery set designed with brilliant diamond and sapphire!
7,807 $ 8,218 $

Ruby and Diamond Set

Experience an endless beauty with this Unique jewellery set designed with Shiny diamond and Ruby which gave this set an undeniable beauty.
5,628 $ 5,924 $

Abalone Shell set

What can be more amazing than a piece of nature-themed jewellery that is made of material derived right from the heart of nature?!
1,794 $ 1,888 $

Rose Quartz Set

A rose from Paradise! Rose Quartz in a Graceful combination with Brilliant Diamond and Rose Gold, A unique Jewellery make you unique.
4,661 $ 4,906 $

Rhodolite set

Spectacular Combination of Lovely Rhodolite gemstone and Endless Sparkle of Diamond in this jewellery set made it unique and admirable.
21,389 $ 22,515 $

Brilliant Diamond Wedding Set

Feel the Brightness of Stars with this Round Diamond Set that will be your sparkling companion at your wedding night!
7,995 $ 8,416 $

Rose Gold Flower Set

As glamorous as gold! flowers made of rose gold and round cut diamonds would give a spectacular scene to every one around you.
2,644 $ 2,783 $

Ruby Flower Set

Sense an endless beauty wearing this Unique jewellery set designed with glorious Rubies which gave this set an undeniable beauty.
7,940 $ 8,358 $

White Gold Flower Set

Flowers And Diamonds! What A Dreamy Set, An Image Of Purity And Light! They Are Given As A Pledge Of Love And Worn As A Symbol Of Commitment.
2,924 $ 3,078 $

Citrine Set

Blazing Like Sun! True Beauty Lies In Simplicity And Elegance. Flaunt Your True Beauty And Complement Your Elegance With This Unique Citrine Set.
2,228 $ 2,345 $

White Gold round Diamond Set

Diamond Set! Make Everyday Stylish With This Uniquely Designed White Gold Diamond Set.
5,432 $ 5,718 $

Quartz Set

Quartz Set! Be The One Everyone Speak Of, Wearing This Breathtaking Incredibly Designed Set!
3,918 $ 4,124 $

Baguette Diamond Half Set

Splendid Baguette Jewellery Set with sparkling diamond is created to be your sign of your glory among the white beautiful golden dandelions.
17,053 $ 17,950 $

Rose Gold Diamond Set

Charming Design! This Delicate White Stone Ring Will Surely Dazzles Eyes On You As You Shine During The Ceremony.
5,167 $ 5,439 $

Ruby Star Set

Ruby Set! Significant And Expressive Design With Ruby And Round Cut Diamonds Based On Rose Gold.
977 $ 1,028 $

Rose Gold Diamond Set

Diamond Set! being Subtle And Beautiful At The Same Time Is An Art And This Set Is A Prime Example Of That.
2,203 $ 2,319 $

Rose Gold Diamond Set

Shimmering Diamonds! Unique Jewellery Pieces Designed With Diamond, The One And Only Thing You Can pair With All Your Styles And Be Modern!
4,878 $ 5,135 $

Pink Shell Set

Shimmering Design! Get This Dazzling Look Of Elegance With A Mix Of Diamonds, Pink Shell And Rose Gold.
1,774 $ 1,867 $

Multi Color Stone Set

Lovely Colors! Dreamy Colorful Stones And Sparkling Diamonds Work Together To Design This Significant Rose Gold Set And Make You Shine Through The Night.
5,337 $ 5,618 $