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Shell is a hard mineral which is the outer layer covering some creatures found in water. Shells are inexpensive materials that can be used in jewelleries, cameos and different decorative objects.

There are various types of shells and one of them is sea shell which is one of the most ancient materials used for ornaments. People used to string the shells into a necklace or hang them as a pendant. Another type is known as mother of pearl which is a 2 layered shell with a pearl in between them.

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Abalone Shell Pendant

a piece of mother nature hanging on your neck! the pendant is so connected to nature as its design and its materials are both related to nature Directly!
657 $ 692 $

Brilliant & Shell Ring

Aura Shell from the heart of deepest oceans hugs the Brilliant Round-cut Diamonds from the heart of highest mountains in the bed of Rose Gold ring .
2,182 $ 2,297 $

Abalone Shell Half Set

Feel the beauty of nature! This women's jewellery half set created with Abalone shell and brilliant diamond in the shape of tree, makes you feel exceptional.
1,188 $ 1,250 $

Abalone Shell Ring

This perfectly designed Nature themed ring will bring you the spirit of mother nature!
606 $ 638 $

Amethyst & Shell Pendant

Eyes of the sea are looking after the gift of February to you! Unique Greenish blue shells have surrounded a great large piece of Amethyst!
1,303 $ 1,372 $

Abalone Shell set

What can be more amazing than a piece of nature-themed jewellery that is made of material derived right from the heart of nature?!
1,794 $ 1,888 $