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Spinel is a gemstone that has been confused with Ruby and Sapphire almost until the 19th century since they looked identical. An interesting fact is that many old Rubies then discovered to be Spinel. In ancient times, most Spinel stones were used as Crown Jewels.

Spinel can be called the history’s most underappreciated gemstone. During the history, Large Spinel Crystals have been extracted from mines in South Asia, but they were named as Ruby and mostly became the property of kings and emperors or passing through as spoils of war.

This gemstone occurs in variety of colours including Colourless, pink, red, blue, orange, etc. and is the Birthstone of August along with Peridot.

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Diamond & Spinel Elephant Ring

If you are interested in elephants and Jewellery both together so you have caught it! Shiny elephant designed with Spinel and Brilliant Round-cut Diamond sparkles on your finger.