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The auction of the largest blue diamond in the world

Through the Sotheby's huge auction in Hong Kong 2022, the largest Blue Diamond to ever be sold was put up for auction.

This De Beers Cullinan Blue Diamond weighed 15.10 Ct. and was a step-cut. After an exciting 8-minutes bidding between 4 possible buyers,

the extraordinary Diamond was at last bought by an anonymous buyer at the unbelievable cost of US$57.4 million, which was much higher

than experts had predicted.

Only 5 blue diamonds more than 10 carats have been auctioned so far and this is the first diamond that exceeds 15 carats.

This price set a record for the most expensive Blue Diamond in history to ever be aucted.

The experts have estimated this Blue Diamond to have the highest purity degree and this is why the famous gemstone is very rare.

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