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The Met Gala: a brief history

Met Gala is a fundraising fashion event taking place annually in New York, arranged the Vogue magazine, for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute and it has gained massive attention and popularity through the years. This prestigious, glamorous event has become so important that is nowadays known as the biggest fashion night. But just like any other important event in the world, Met Gala was also underrated at first and did not come with the shiniest beginning. So, how did it all start? What is the journey behind the world’s biggest fashion night? Let’s find out all there is about Met Gala in this article.

Then in 1972, with Diana Vreeland becoming the consultant to the Costume Institute, the tables turned. Vreeland had a more global approach and made the gala more famous that celebrities of higher profile like Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Elton John and Cher started attending the gala, drawing more and more attention to the event. Through those years, Gala themes were introduced and the Gala was held at the Met for the first time and as you might guess, it is how it got its name.


This highly exclusive social event is a major funding source today, as it raised $17.4 million in 2022, breaking the record in the events history. Every year the Met Gala hosts stars and celebrities globally from business, fashion, entertainments, politics and sports. As a custom, the event is held every year on the first Monday in May, but due to the COVID circumstances it was cancelled in 2020, and took place in 2021 September rather than May. After two years, everything went back normal in 2022 and the Gala hosted its ceremony in May again.

Every year the exhibition comes up with a special themed that the guests are also required to follow. After walking the red carpet, the guests are welcomed with cocktails and will have a tour of the themed exhibition before the dinner is served. The themes are chosen carefully every year, sometimes bringing up challenges for both themselves and the guests. The theme for the upcoming Met Gala in 2023 is titled "Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty", though which the artistic contributions of the late German designer to the world of fashion will be honored

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