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The Most Sold Jewellery Items In 2021

Jewellery industry; the industry of variety, creativity, and surprises! Jewellery has always played a leading role in the mysterious world of fashion and every year, jewellery designers decide to create new jewellery items or bring some of the old trends back to the game. We find out new trends of the year from the jewellery items that are being used in fashion runways by the most prominent fashions brands such as Versace, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Armani and …

The most sold jewellery items each year are as you can guess, the trends of the same year as everyone is trying hard to keep up with the fashion world's latest updates and buy jewellery trends immediately. But what is the importance and difference of 2021 Jewellery Trends?

2021 has been the second year of lockdown since the worldwide pandemic spread. Two years of lockdown has got all of us tired of our everyday outfits and keeping away from our beloved ones. So, it is the most obvious that at the end of this quarantine, we all need excitement, joy, and happiness to recover from these hard years that we went through. In choosing this year's jewellery trends, the whole focus was on this issue as well and that’s why all 2021 trends can be summed up in one single word: Maximalism!

Maximalism is built upon a variety of shapes and patterns, repetition, and colour collision. The use of bold elements, edgy colours, and oversized items is what defines the fun and exciting nature of this artistic movement. Maximalism is fulfilled with surprises and large, abstract designs which is a great choice for leaving these stressful years behind and start a decade of freshness and hopefulness!

We can put all 2021 Jewellery Trends in 2 major categories that Styling Trends and Trending Items. The combination of these trending items with their correct way of styling is what makes you the most fashionable. Let’s get through these lists together and find out what are the most suitable trends for you!

1. 2021 Styling Trends

  • Layering Necklaces

Layering necklaces has been on since 2020 as is now still a leading trend in the fashion world. The first rule in layering necklaces is not to choose necklaces of the same size and length. Choose 3 or more layers of necklaces and make sure they are in different lengths and sizes so you can wear them from shortest to longest to bring the best out of them.

There are several advantages to this trend. First is that the short to long order of these necklaces make the illusion of a more stretched upper body and makes you look taller than before. The second is that it is a budget-friendly and easy trend as there are not defined necklace styles that you must layer and you can use any necklace, including your old necklaces to stay fashionable.

Also, you can use many other trends to style this way and have a fresh look. For example, use edgy-coloured enamel necklaces or bold, thick chain necklaces with pearl necklaces and layer them to see the magic!

  • Single Earring

If you find symmetrical patterns boring, this trend is yours! Using one single earring is also amongst the budget-friendly trends as you can wear any earring of yours but just not in a pair.

Combining this type of styling with other trends would also lead to wonderful results! For instance, you can wear one single statement, croissant patterned, or Hoop earring and look more stylish than ever.

  • Stacking Rings

This trend went viral in the blink of an eye and many celebrities, beauty bloggers and influencers fell in love with, in a way that they could no longer use just one ring as before. As many jewellery designers found out, wearing several rings, on one hand, looks so gorgeous and you can use this styling method on your other trendy items.

You can wear bold silver or gold rings besides colourful enamel rings to reach a sport, edgy, and also classy look that goes easily with any outfit.

  • Silver-Coloured Items

Easy, loveable, and classy. Silver-coloured jewellery was the thing that caught everyone’s eyes in 2021 fashion runways. All you need to do is to wear your silver jewellery, including white gold, and rock any gathering you step in! this trend gives you a variety of options as you can use any trendy item in silver and look stylish!

2. 2021 Trending Items

  • Chain Links

Chain link jewellery has been around for many years and since it never goes out of style, it’s a must-have in your jewellery collection. Chain links are simple, sharp, and classy at the same time and they come in a variety of styles that go with any taste.

Styling and combining chain links with other trends lead to beautiful results as well. Just Imagine wearing a chunky chain link, whether in gold or silver and layering it with several other necklaces that can include colourful enamel necklaces! What an edgy look!

  • Pearl Jewellery

If you are not a big fan of maximalist jewellery but still want to have a stylish look in 2021, the pearl trend is yours! Pearls have a classic effect but if you update their look considering new trends, you will make a stylish look out of them. Because of their soft colour, pearls are the best choice for minimalists or for those who do not want their jewellery items to stand out and prefer to avoid loud jewellery.

You can use a string of these ocean treasures and layer it with a few other necklaces, or even with a beaded necklace to have a summer, beachside look!

  • Opaque Gemstones

Opaque gemstones are amongst the other surprising trends of 2021. These gemstones are solid coloured gemstones that are not transparent and do not reflect light, just in opposite of transparent gemstones such as diamond, ruby, and emerald that had the leading role for many years. The most famous opaque gemstones are Onyx, Lapis Lazuli, Tiger’s Eye, and Malachite.

You can find these gemstones in designs of the most famous brands and even in the local jewellery market. You can use silver-based jewellery items that include a piece of opaque gemstone, a mismatched or single earring with opaque gems on them, or any other design to look fashionable!

  • Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings have been around since immemorial and never went out of style. They are amongst the most popular trends of 2021 as well, but with a little difference! 2021 is the year to let go of boring, simple designs and try over-accessories. Chunky, bold metal hoop earrings are the most loved fashion trend this year and are the easiest to style with any outfit.

Hoop earrings have the ability to be combined with many other trends as well. You can use a big hoop that contains some pieces of pearls, or even a fully beaded hoop earring! You can even add some spice to your style by hanging charms on your hoop earrings and personalize your jewellery!

  • Statement Earrings

As it is guessable from the name, these earrings make a statement and catch everyone’s attention because of their large and bold look. Statement earrings are boldly designed to define maximalist jewellery in the best way and add a special flavour to your style.

Statement earrings can be made of different materials like precious and semi-precious metals, enamel, gemstones, and anything you can turn into jewellery. Statement earrings are on top of the board this year and many fashion brands have used them in their runways to make their designs spicier.

You can style statement earrings as unmatched earrings, single earrings, pearl statement earrings, or enamel statement earrings and look fashionable either way!

  • Mismatched Earrings

Maximalist jewellery demands more and more wonders and escapes from the usual, old styles. So, can you name more iconic jewellery items than mismatched earrings? Mismatched or asymmetrical earrings are available in quite a few designs that makes it easier for you to choose yours!

Mismatched earrings are so trendy this year that no matter which design you choose; you are still stylish. But you can use them in silver, edgy-coloured, enamelled, or even chunky, hoop, or chain link mismatched earrings to make the best out of this loud trend!

  • Chunky Rings

Chunky rings are must-haves in 2021 fashion trending and almost everyone with any taste has welcomed this lovely trend! Chunky rings make your finger look slimmer and are the easiest to style with any kind of outfit whether formal, beachy, sport, or party! Chunky chain link rings are also amongst the most popular chunky ring designs.

You will rock the game if you stack chunky rings on your fingers and even more if you use some enamel edgy-coloured rings in between them! How wonderful and classy!

  • Bangles

Bangles are lovely types of bracelets that have always played a classy role in the fashion world. This year’s type of bangle is although a bit more exaggerated and chunky, bold bangles are on top.

You can wear an oversized bangle whether in gold or silver with any kind of outfit and add a classy flavour to your style!

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