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Trilliant cut can be considered as triangle shaped stones, mostly with rounded sides. The trilliant cut may not be as popular as the round cut but it still has its own elegance. They are usually shaped with various facets and they can be used as matched pairs or either side of a brilliant. Besides, they can be a very stunning engagement ring as a center piece.

The trilliant cut which is also known as trillion, has been created in Netherlands in 1962. One of the most interesting facts about trilliant cut diamonds, is their depth which makes it so brilliant. Also, trilliant cut diamonds usually look larger that other diamonds with the same weight.

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Trillion Diamond Ring

Sparkle and Shine like a Queen! This Epical Diamond Ring is a perfect choice for your wedding ring that can make you shine like a star at all ceremonies.
€10827.20 €13534.00

Trillion Diamond Ring

Maximum of shine topmost level of sparkle! A very nice ring for those who are passionate about pure Diamond! Large pieces of Diamond beside each other make a view of even a larger piece on a brilliant jewellery ring
€3770.94 €4713.67