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Valentine’s day is certainly known by people all around the world, it’s also called St. Valentine’s day and is celebrated on 14 February. On this day, lovers give each other gifts to express their love.

What we all know about valentine’s day is a story of a Catholic priest in the 3rd century who fell in love with his prisoner’s blind daughter and on the day of his execution he wrote her a love message and signed “From your Valentine”. About 200 years later, 14 February was named as Valentine’s day and since then, lovers celebrate this day all around the world.

Most common gifts that lovers give each other on valentine’s day are Chocolate, Heart shaped or red stone jewellery, red rose flowers, and any thing that is in red colour or heart design that is the sign of love.

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Heart Shaped Ruby Pendant

Heart speaks to heart. It is the best Gift for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day and to whom you love the most!
1,161 $ 1,366 $

Ruby Flower Ring

Paradisal Ruby-made flowers on the Rose gold Garden! Perfume of Light on your Fingers with Jewellery Brilliant Women's Ring.
2,819 $ 3,316 $

Ruby Bracelet

Ruby is related to the earth element and therefore has amazing healing properties for you. Not having any worries, you can use this delicate and eye-catching bracelet permanently.
671 $ 789 $

Songea Ruby Ring

Pear and Marquise, two of the most popular diamond cuts, as well as Sonchia ruby, one of the most colourful and best-selling types of rubies around the world, all together, on your fingers!
3,120 $ 3,670 $

Ballerina Ruby Pendant

Women, with heavens of love on their skirts and the kindness that shines throughout them just like diamonds. Marquise rubies and pure brilliant diamonds have joined hands to display a small part of the most precious gem on earth, woman.
Price required

Pear cut ruby pendant

The brilliant combination of red Ruby and clear Diamonds have created this masterpiece!
1,438 $ 1,692 $

Amethyst & Aquamarine Pendant

Wonderland of Colours! A Colourful and Phantasy piece of Jewellery suitable for the Women who want a Bright and Sparkling Jewellery Pendant
2,041 $ 2,401 $

Pear Ruby Pendant

This contemporary designed Ruby and Diamond pendant can be a great gift to your loved ones!
1,148 $ 1,351 $

Gilson Emerald pendant

The most springy pendant with the heart-shaped glow from Gypson and brilliant round-cut diamonds!
467 $ 549 $

Colourful Flower Set

Feel the real charm by wearing this flower set designed with the combination of green Peridot, beautiful Rubellite, and sparkling round diamond!
2,013 $ 2,368 $

Songea Ruby Ring

Characterize yourself by wearing this white gold ring made of Brilliant diamond and Pear-cut Ruby designed in a marquise shape which makes your fingers look slimmer and stunning.
2,876 $ 3,384 $

Ruby and Diamond Ring

Feel Special by wearing this fashionable jewellery ring which is the Combination of Marquise and Round-cut Diamond along with Oval and Marquise-cut Ruby and created by a modern style!
2,665 $ 3,135 $

Ruby and Diamond Ring

2,683 $ 3,157 $

Garnet and Amethyst Ring

The Beautiful combination of Garnet and Amethyst Gemstones in this Rose Gold Ring made this ring a Unique Colourful piece of jewellery that everyone will like it.
728 $ 856 $

Heart Amethyst Ring

Hearts made of amethyst that together depict the face of a four-leaf clover. Faith, hope, love and luck, each leaf is a component!
947 $ 1,114 $

Ruby and Diamond Ring

Express your love with a ring of Ruby! This lovely ring made with Adorable Ruby gemstone and brilliant diamond is the best gift for your beloved one.
1,461 $ 1,719 $

Heart Emerald Pendant

Feel the love and its power with this heart emerald pendant on pure white gold that creates a unique look!
1,561 $ 1,837 $

Heart Ruby Pendant

The best gift for Valentine's day! This heart shaped pendant made with Songea Ruby and Brilliant Diamond can be the most memorable gift for your love.
354 $ 416 $

Heart Sapphire Pendant

A Beautiful Heart shaped pendant for Blue lovers! This Heart Sapphire pendant made with white golf and brilliant diamond is can be an excellent choice for Valentine's day gift.
363 $ 427 $