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when is valentine's day 2021

As we get closer to February 14th, Valentine’s vibes are popping up all around the city more than ever! Thanks to the lovers, every years February is being delighted with a sense of passion, chocolates, roses, gifts and of course, the colour red. Let’s take our time together to know more about when is Valentine’s day and learn about some exciting ideas for making this day more joyful, romantic and fun!

Valentine’s Day History

We should not expect a clear story about this day’s origin as there are several stories being told about how they chose February 14th as Valentine’s day and also, there are several persons in the history named Valentine whom these stories could be referred to.

The first myth is about a priest who lived in about 270 CE and was martyred by the order of the emperor of that time, Claudius II Gothicus. It is said that he had sent a letter to his jailer’s daughter and signed it in the end “from your Valentine”, the same quote that is being used by lovers today. The lady had been visiting him in jail and according to legend, she was suffering from blindness and was healed by the priest.

The other story includes another priest named Valentine who served during the third century in Rome. There was a time when Emperor Claudius II came to the decision that single men fight better at wars than the ones with wives and family and as a result, outlawed marriage for young men. Valentine couldn’t accept the injustice of the decree and continued performing marriages for young lovers in secret without considering the order of Claudius. He was then martyred by the order of Claudius when his actions were discovered.

The Valentine’s Day 2021 would be much different from the other years, as lovers should celebrate their love indoors because of the pandemic and cannot go for romantic dates on restaurants like they did before. So what should they do? How should they make memories and have fun inside their house? Here we have gathered some exciting Lockdown Valentine’s Ideas.

1- Relax and have a movie night

Gather yourself as many candies and popcorns as you want and get ready to watch movies for hours straight! Watching just a movie would not be a good idea for such a night, a valentine’s movie night must be more special! You can provide trilogies such as The Matrix or Before Sunrise or just watch several valentine movies like Romeo & Juliet, it’s your night, do as you wish!

2- Have an Indoor Picnic

Open the windows and let some fresh air in and spread some pieces of clothes and blankets on the floor. Provide some of your favourite finger-food and add some extra spice to your meal by making some brownies and cupcakes with two cups of hot coffee. Your dreamy picnic is ready to make perfect joyful memories for a lovely valentine’s day!

3- Test each other with a quiz for partners

While having your dessert after your delicious dinner, cheer yourselves up with a fun competition between you and your partner, test each other’s knowledge about your relationship and learn new things about each other.

4- warm-up in the back yard

Nothings specializes this cold night like dressing up in your warmest, cosiest clothes with some blankets and building a fire in the back yard. Give a lovely light to the environment with LED lights, bring some drinks to yourselves and fire up some marshmallows to make the best out of a night of love.

5- Paint together

Painting is always a fun thing to do, especially with your loved ones. It doesn’t matter if you are a good artist or just a beginner, painting with your lover brings laugh and joy to your house and the results would make lovely mementos of a different Valentine’s day. Play a piece of light music in the background, pick up a brush and start!

6- Craft something

Watch some crafting ideas, gather and learn the best ones and go shop for the needed stuff. Crafting is a good way to spend your time together and help each other figuring out how to do the complicated parts. You can choose to make origamis and use them later to decorate your room.

7- Game night

There are hundreds of options facing you when it comes to playing games. There are board games and card games you can choose to cheer your night up. If you chose a game like Monopoly which we suggest, you can customize the board by changing the names of the streets to the name of the places you have had memories in.

8- Cook together

Food have their own place in everyone’s heart. Even if you are not a good cook, you can watch food tutorial clips or read some recipes and help each other cooking the meal of a love night.

9- Bake-off

Sweets and cakes are both fun to make and eat! What completes a Valentine’s day is the flavour of chocolate. Make brownies, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate bombs and whatever else that you both enjoy.

10- Make a Book of Memories

Print some of your best pictures together, bring a notebook and stick the pictures to the pages and write down your memories on that day.

An important tradition of this holiday is giving presents to each other. Make your partner happy by giving them a memento of love and something that they like.

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