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What is Marquise Cut: History, Factors and applications

Valuing a gemstone, cut is amongst the most important factors involved. The way a gemstone is cut, determines its shine rate and apparent look. Marquise is one of the most beautiful, shiny and functional cuts.

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The shape that this historical cut gives to gemstones makes them seems like a lot of object and because of that they give other names to marquise-cut gemstones such as navette, –which translating from French means little ship- eye-shaped, football-shapedand boat shaped gemstones.

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History of Marquise-cut Diamonds

But the actual historic story behind this cut is much more interesting and shows why the name Marquise suits it the most and what this shape looks like the most. The story is about the French king Louis XV when in 18, he ordered the royal jeweller to make a gemstone similar to the lips of Jean Antoinette Poisson, the Marchioness Madame de Pompadour, his mistress. You may wonder why the cut is named Marquise as it is neither the name of king’s mistress nor his own name. the reason is that Marquise is the name of a hereditary rank and it is related to the fact that courtiers used to wear marquise-cut diamonds as a sign of their rank.

A marquise-cut gemstone is known to have a symmetrical, elongated elliptical shape with two pointed ends and 58 facets. This cut is also very functional as it makes any gemstone look greater than its actual size and when wore, makes fingers look slimmer, thinner and longer. At first this cut was invented for diamonds but by time it became also a popular cut for other gemstones such as Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire. However, this fabulous cut is not very popular for engagement rings and is only used these days by non-traditional brides.

Important factors in a Marquise-cut gemstone

  • One of the main factors considering a marquise-cut gemstone is symmetry. It is important to make sure of the alignment of two ends of the gemstone as even a little error in that matter, would lead to the imbalance of the whole ring.
  • Another thing you might consider is that some marquise cuts would reduce colour in central part of the gemstone in shape of a bow which happens because of the narrow shape of this cut. This happens in all elongated shapes of gemstones but if the cut is done well, this effect would be hidden by the shine that facets produce.
  • The cut is very beautiful and unique, although you must beware of its pointed ends. The ends must be covered with a good setting such as using V-tip prongs that besides giving a pretty look to the gemstone, protects its ends and keeps them secure.
  • Different ratios in marquise-cut makes totally different shapes of a gemstone. The higher the ratio is, the longer and elongated the gemstone would look. Narrow and long shaped gemstones usually seem greater than their actual size and also would make the finger look slimmer and longer. In opposite, the lower the ratio is, the rounder, wider and shorter the gemstone would look which make it look completely different from the other marquise cut style.

The most famous Marquise-cut diamonds

Usually not a lot of people choose a marquise diamond as their engagement ring as it is a very unique and special cut for diamonds. However still some celebrities appreciate this style and wear marquise diamond engagement rings. Here is a list of some of these famous rings:

  • One of the most unique marquise diamond engagement rings belongs to Ashley Simpson which was given to her by Evan Ross. Neil Lane has the honour of designing this Edwardian style ring which contains a 5-carat marquise-cut diamond as its main gemstone and is surrounded by rubies and diamond melees.
  • The ring David Beckham chose to propose his current wife, Victoria Beckham, was a £65,000 marvellous marquise-cut diamond on a yellow band.
  • Catherine Zeta Jones is also the owner of a very unique, 1920s antique ring including a great 10-carat marquise diamond in the centre surrounded by 28 brilliant diamonds.

Marquise cut with its rich history, shiny look and many applications looks very nice not only on engagement rings, but on all jewellery items such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings. You can browse a complete collection of jewellery items with marquise gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires set on them here on HassanZadeh Jewellery Gallery website.

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